Today you win | Facing challenges – Turning problems into inspiration
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Facing challenges – Turning problems into inspiration

There is one simple technique for facing challenges and turning your negative expectations and feelings to positive. It requires pen, paper and about 15 minutes of your time.

First, you have to define what is the problem or the lack that you want to change to positive.

After that, draw a line vertically to split the paper in half, and then write a list of few problems, one under another on a piece of paper. Example would be:

I need more money –

I sometimes feel bad because I overeat –

I feel guilty for procrastinating –


Write as much as you feel like. If you start feeling uncomfortable, stop writing problems, and go to the next step.

Now, write the opposites of your current problems, on the right side of the page. Example would be:

I need more money – I have a lot of money.

I sometimes feel bad because I overeat – I feel good because my diet is proper for me.

I feel guilty for procrastinating – I feel good because I do my tasks on time.


After you do that, you can tear up the left page with the problems and lacks and destroy it in any way you want. You can symbolically burn it, crumple it and throw it to the trash, or tear it to little pieces and flush it down the toilet. While you do this, mentally say: “I am free from these problems”. After that, feel good for freeing yourself from these problems, and just continue with your daily activities. As for the right side of the paper, you can keep it as a good luck charm and a reminder that you became a bit better person that day. That day you won, and you will win everyday because now you are facing challenges. Today you win!

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