Today you win | Helping people with Healing Light
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Helping people with Healing Light

Did you ever want to do some good deeds while taking a walk, but you didn’t know how? Here’s a short and simple technique that you can do while on the street or anywhere else where there are people.

Find a person that you see is not feeling positive or OK, and just imagine a stream of white or golden light falling onto him or her from the sky. While you imagine stream of intense white light from the sky, hear the sound of sparkles bouncing on the person and cleansing his negativity, turning him into a totally positive being that radiates white light.

Just make it bright and cleansing for the person that needs healing.

Sometimes you will see the results immediately, by seeing a gloomy person that starts to smile, or by hearing a sigh of relief. Sometimes you won’t see a result, but don’t lose hope, because you can’t always know what is happening inside a person.

As you do the technique, you will need less and less time to make a person feel better.

Important: When you do “Healing Light”, try to watch people with peripheral vision, and try not to stare into the person that you are healing. I think this is obvious, because you may make the person you are helping feel uncomfortable. Try to be a discreet hero.

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