Today you win | Ho’oponopono techique for helping others
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Ho’oponopono techique for helping others

There is a simple technique called Ho’oponopono that can help you remove your limiting beliefs and negative feelings, but can also give you the ability to help others achieve the same things.

The first thing you have to do is to take responsibility. Whether you need to take responsibility for your or somebody else’s shortcomings, you have to do it. By taking responsibility, you set your mind in the state of thinking that the current situation can be changed.

When you do that, try to feel the problem. Focus on it, and find its sensory representation. Someone feels it as uneasiness in the body, someone sees it as a black hole, or a negative funnel, or someone might just hear voices saying negative things. You will see the problem getting smaller as you effectively do the Ho’oponopono technique.

As for the Ho’oponopono technique, just say the following four mantras, and say as you mean them, and you will feel better.

1. I am sorry
2. Please forgive me
3. I love you
4. Thank you

When you say them, just repeat them over and over, until you feel your problem is alleviated.

The same method goes for the others. Take responsibility for their problem or negativity, and say the mantra until you feel that you have cleared that person. That should be done repeatedly and according to your own feelings or visualizations. When you feel that you have helped the person with a certain issue, you can stop the mantra. If you want to help person even more, than continue with another issue.

This is a useful and effective technique, so try it, and if you have some amazing results, be free to share them with us. Help yourself and others, because Today you win!

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