Today you win | How to create an effective autosuggestion
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How to create an effective autosuggestion

Sometimes, there is just not enough time for long auto-suggestions and mantras and you need a quick boost of confidence, positive energy or inspiration.

This technique is not so easy, but is well worth the time invested. First, you will have to define the feeling that you want to feel at the specific time. After you pick the feeling, create your own power sentence, or pick one from the list.

Example sentences:

For CONFIDENCE: “I am on the top of the world and I can do anything!”

For POSITIVE ENERGY: “I am clean and I am the light, I am the one that betters everything!”

For INSPIRATION: “I am the master of decisions and I always know what to do!”

For ATTRACTION: “I am confident, handsome and attractive to women/man!” (depending on your gender and orientation).

Pick the sentence.

And here’s the tricky part. Feel the designated emotion, as strongly as you can. Engulf yourself in the emotion, increase its power. Imagine that the emotion is like a windmill, and it starts to speed up – 3 times faster, 10 times faster, 100 times faster. Be the designated emotion!

Really engulf yourself in the desired emotion.

Now, anchor you intention sentence to the emotion, and feel like you, the emotion and the sentence are one. Blend together and know that you can be that emotion whenever you want.

After you have affirmed that, relax, cool down, and empty your mind for a minute or two.

Now try the technique. Feel the designated emotion as much as you can, say your Power sentence, and feel like emotion is exploding inside you. In a few seconds, you will feel like you want to feel.

You can do this on the street, in meetings, or when doing important work, so you could boost your skills.

You will have a secret ally that no one would see,but everyone would feel

That’s it. Train it today and use it everyday, because Today You Win!

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