Today you win | How to feel inspired
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How to feel inspired

It’s simple. Just change the way you think. You wonder, how do I do that? Well, you already know… Every being on the planet knows that. Well, tell me how?

Have you ever noticed how some people change their emotional states quickly? Even if you did, or didn’t, it doesn’t matter, because I am going to show you a small trick, that can change your mood to positive in a little time.

There is a correlation between body posture and emotions. Have you ever noticed how, when you are happy, your body posture is more erect, you are smiling and there is that feeling of bliss in the air. Also, other emotions have their postures, but we don’t care about them. Our goal is to be happy, productive and fulfilled.

Your body position makes your mental attitude

Now, just sit up or stand straight. Think of something nice and happy that happened in your life (if you can’t think of anything, just imagine something nice, like winning a lottery and being a millionaire). That’s right, it feels nice, doesn’t it? Now just one last step – Smile 🙂

Keep the posture, happy thoughts and smile for a few minutes (ideally five). After a minute or two, you will start feeling positive, just as the happiness starts to envelop you. Hold on to the positive feeling and enjoy it, because you should enjoy anything you want in life. You are amazing and don’t let anyone tell you something else.

Lock the smile for a few minutes,and it will become yours

Now go, and enjoy you life… Because, Today You Win!

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