Today you win | How to look into yourself
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How to look into yourself

As the days pass by and the nights freshen up the air, every human being is living day by day. Most people are wondering what is the point of existence? Is it the comfy life, with no worries, or so called “comfort zone”? Is the meaning of life to strive for adventure, facing new challenges and fighting injustice?

It’s nothing specific, but is all in general. The meaning of life is the life itself. Every human being in the world is different, and as we can have some similarities, we are unique in some way.

So, how do we see that difference in us? That difference that makes us specific in some way and that makes us worth as a part of the never-ending chain of life cycles?

You are better than you think you are. It’s a fact.

The reason is obvious. You are you. Look at yourself in the mirror. Look deep into yourself. You see that you are unique, but most of all, you are a fantastic human being.

Your existence contributes to someone’s happiness. There is always someone in the world that is happy because you exist, even if you don’t know that. People are often so self-absorbed, that they don’t see the real picture of their reality. There is greatness in our lives, wherever we are and whoever we are. And there is greatness in you too. You are great. You are a winner. Today and always, be prepared to win, because that is what you are made for 🙂

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