Today you win | How to use a pendulum – Simple and practical advice
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How to use a pendulum – Simple and practical advice

There is a certain tool that can help you with connecting to your subconscious mind. It is debatable how effective it is, but in general, it is effective as much as you want it to be. In this article, you will learn how to use a pendulum.

First, you will need a pendulum. Any kind of pendulum will do: a professional one or an improvised one.

Now, let us make something clear: The pendulum is not moved by some magical force as many people may think, but by ideo-motor response of our body. The movement of pendulum is caused by micro-movements of our hand, in response to the subconscious stimuli. In simple language, it responds with swinging in the programmed direction.

Then, let’s set up the controls for how to use a pendulum movement. First, you will need a piece of paper, on which you will draw a circle and a cross in it, that cuts the circle’s edges in the middle sections.

Good. Now, swing your pendulum up and down, above the line and say out loud: “This means YES.” After that, swing it sideways, above the other line and say: “This means NO.” Now swing it diagonally and say: “This means I don’t know”.

After that, say aloud: “Show me YES” and wait for the pendulum to start swinging up-down. When that happens, tell it to stop. Don’t forget that you are not talking to some mystical force, but to yourself. Your subconscious response is moving the pendulum. Then, say: “Show me NO” and wait for it to move left-right. That’s it. You have programmed the pendulum.

Now, time to ask it some questions like “Is my name X (true)” or “Is my name Y (false)” and wait for the response. The more you use it, the better you will become with it and you will find out that it can do more things than just answer questions. Have fun and become better today, because now you know how to use a pendulum and know that  Today You Win!

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