Today you win | Increase IQ with this technique (Image streaming)
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Increase IQ with this technique (Image streaming)

There is a simple technique that is proven to increase the intelligence quotient. The increase is slow for some, and fast for the others, but the definite change can be seen after some practice.

The exercise goes like this. Sit down, relax, and then make up and tell one story out loud. But the story has to be about a place that no one has ever seen, and that place shouldn’t look like anything you ever seen. You will have to activate your creative muscle. The main point of the exercise is to talk aloud and to talk faster than you think about those pictures. That’s right, to use as many words for the upcoming pictures as possible. When you do that, new pathways are created in you brain and your IQ gradually increases.

The imagined world doesn’t need to make any sense,it just needs to be something new and undiscovered.

The good thing to do is to record yourself while you speak, so you can listen to yourself later, and analyze any flaws or errors that you made while speaking, so you can fix them in the future. The time of the single session could be from 1-10 minutes of speaking. Start with as much time you feel comfortable and advance in time as you make progress.

When recording, speak as fast as possible, and don’t stop even if you stutter or get confused. Just go with the flow.

Regular use of this exercise gives great benefits, but only you can feel them, so feel free to try the exercise for a few days. Be the best that you can, and enjoy life, because… Today you win!

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