Today you win | Inspirational story – Hidden enlightenment
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Inspirational story – Hidden enlightenment

You can find here a short inspirational story about life and hidden enlightenment.

The dawn is picking up sun-rays from around the ground, forming them into a complete light circle. View on the endless meadows was astonishing, and was able to take anyone’s breath away.

The young shepherd was standing and watching the horizon, while the sheep were at peace of mind, thinking nothing and just eating grass, as it was the only option they could have. The sheep aren’t willing to change, the sheep like to remain the same, and the sheep are “sheep”. But there is something different about the shepherd. He is also at peace of mind, but his mind is rushing. He feels the emotion of fulfillment as he stands and watches the complex rays overlap each other and form the beautiful sunshine.

He is not just a regular human being; He is also not a “sheep”. He is something special. Enlightenment of Buddha could be seen in his eyes, mindfulness of a yogi in his calmness and the wisdom of a scientist in his posture. Who is this person, and how has he achieved all these things by only herding sheep?

He is no one, yet he is everything. Anyone could wonder how he achieved enlightenment. He wasn’t keeping any secrets, but no one was willing to ask him about them, because people were too busy with their own lives. The people were the “sheep”, and he wasn’t really a shepherd. The whole world was an illusion created by the eye of the beholder.

He was living in a city, and he was doing the job he liked and earning more than he needed. The people were walking by, and sometimes, some of them turned around and confusingly thought “There is something special about this man” and then continued with their business.

But, what was the difference between this man, and everyone else who didn’t care about the world. This man knew about appreciation. He appreciated all the things that made him feel nice, and guess what: Those things came to him in abundance.

As the man walked outside, he turned around and said to you: “You are special, just know how to show appreciation for the things you have, or the things you want to have. You don’t need much to be happy, you just need enough”. After that, he turned around and disappeared into the crowd.

The reader may wonder, what this was all about, but should know one thing: Whatever you love and appreciate will grow. So love life, appreciate nature, be grateful for civilization advances we have and be yourself while you love others, and then, only then… the blockages will clear, the sky will enlighten you, and your mind will be free, because you are the best you can be.

Use today to be the best you can be and always be ready to live out your own inspirational story. And remember to bookmark Today you win! so you can always get a great story and a motivational article.

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