Today you win | Law of attraction – Light green fly
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Law of attraction – Light green fly

One summer day, in 2011, I decided to test the law of attraction, and bring myself a living proof. A lot of LOA experts say that the best test is that you set a goal to see a thing that is rare to see, like a silver ball, pink jeans, blue feather etc. Well, I took it to another level. In my life, I had a lot of manifestations, but I wanted to put LOA to the ultimate test. I wanted to see a light green fly. And to make sure, that thing like that doesn’t exist, I Googled it as “light green fly”. After a thorough search, I concluded that the closest that it gets to that is the big dark green fly, and that is not what I want. I laughed and said: “Let’s see the real power of universe… how is it going to show me something that doesn’t exist?”. The law of attraction was going to be put to the ultimate test.

I did a few short meditations for manifesting, affirming: “I saw a light green fly”, raising my vibration and smiling during the meditation. I did 2 meditations of 1 minute at that evening, and 1 in the morning. After that I went with my girlfriend to the shopping mall. Before we shopped, she wanted to eat in one of the restaurants that were in the mall. I said OK, but I wasn’t hungry, so I just kept her company. She was carrying with her a textbook for an exam for our college. I asked her for the textbook, so I could read the notes and learn a little bit while she eats.

While I was reading, feeling a little bit bored, because that exam wasn’t so interesting to me, the top of my head itched. I scratched it, and from it, fell a little black fly which started running on the textbook. I thought: “What the hell is this fly doing in my hair?” and splattered it on the textbook with my finger. Only a stain remained on the place where I pressed and pulled it with my finger. And guess what… the color of the stain was light green. At first, I didn’t pay attention, but as I looked closely, I saw the color of the stain. I asked my girlfriend if the color was light green or yellow, because I wasn’t really sure because of the surprise. She confirmed that it was light green, and I immediately smiled and thanked the universe for the law of attraction working for me.

From that day, I knew that everything is possible, because I manifested something that doesn’t exist in about 10 hours. If I could do it, so can you. Manifest your dreams with law of attraction and enjoy your life, because you are the best human being in your own life. Today, know that you will always win 🙂

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