Today you win | Love pathway exercise – Love exercise by Carnelian Sage
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Love pathway exercise – Love exercise by Carnelian Sage

There is one love exercise that can change your life for the better if you perform it regularly. It helps you achieve and understand love better. The exercise goes like this:

The best way to connect to the energy field and remove the obstacles to the awareness of love’s presence within one’s self is by doing the following powerful love exercise that is called Love’s Pathway:

Close your eyes and breathe deeply 3 or 4 times, while saying the following to yourself: I am the full expression of God\’s love. Just as God is love, so am I. I am love.2.) Hold in mind an image of someone you love. This could be a family member, a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other. Then imagine yourself putting your arms around that person in a loving embrace while simultaneously saying “I love you” in your mind. Hold on to this feeling of love, allowing it to spread throughout your entire being.3.)While holding on to this feeling of love, silently say to yourself, “I feel love.” After a few moments mentally say, “I feel God.” Then finally in your mind say “Thank you“, allowing the feeling of gratitude and appreciation to wash over you. Remain in this state of being love for a few minutes, imagining the love in you radiating outward in an egg shaped sphere of vibratory energy that flows out onto all people, encompassing the world and the universe.You may repeat the process, holding in mind the image of another loved one in the next cycle. You can do, as I do – and practice several cycles, going through every member of your family in succession. Or you can choose to do just one cycle – holding in mind thoughts of the person who naturally and strongly causes strong feelings of love to be generated within you.The profound effect of the above exercise cannot be emphasized enough. It may seem disarmingly simple, but it awakens in you feelings you didn’t know you had. You’ll learn the secrets of your heart, and the extent to which you can love another human being, and truly love yourself. It will also magnify the love you already have for those you love and create a deeper bond between you and them.

This exercise is an excerpt from the book “Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World” by Carnelian Sage. If you want to learn more about this book, do visit

And remember, today and everyday, you win!

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