Today you win | Napoleon Hill – Steps to Riches
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Napoleon Hill – Steps to Riches

What if there was a formula that could work for you, so you could manifest any goal you want? What if that formula was set up in 1937 by Napoleon Hill and had worked for thousands of people? Would you be willing to try it out, or to follow it through? You will have the answer to that question after reading this text.

Napoleon Hill was an American writer that had an amazing job. His employment was with a billionaire Andrew Carnegie, who gave Hill a task to travel the country and to meet and interview all the successful and rich people, so he could find the pattern of success. That pattern was then supposed to be analyzed, simplified and presented to the masses, so that everyone would have a chance to become rich or successful, if he or she really wanted to.

So, let us get to the concrete steps.

  • First step is to define a sum (item, feeling or experience) that you are aiming to get. It has to be measurable.
  • Define what you will give in return. As much as it seems nice, there is no free lunch, and the same rule is applied to manifestation. You have to give energy, so you can receive it in some other form. Write it down.
  • Set up a final date, by which you will complete your goal. Psychological pressure of deadline makes people more productive and dedicated, so it is important.
  • Write on a piece of paper the following statement: How much money or what you want to get, by when, and what do you plan to give in return.
  • Read that statement at least twice daily. The best times are in the morning after you wake up, and in the evening, before you go to sleep. As you read the statement, feel as you already have achieved your goal.


That’s it. This has been tried out throughout the years. Now, it is your turn to try this and succeed, because you are a winner. Today you win

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