Today you win | Romantic story – The Lone bar
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Romantic story – The Lone bar

Everything was empty. In a once full bar, there was only loneliness, emptiness and silence. The working time has passed, and the barman was just standing and cleaning the glasses, as if they were used. He was thinking, remembering the times when the bar was full. The sounds, the voices, and the happy Irish music that fit the environment – everything was gone.

But what really happened to our barman? Was he just an illusion? A ghost of time that is not even real? No, he was real all right, but his mind was in illusion. He was in love with one of the regular guests of the bar.

But, what kind of love could make a man lonely after a day full of communication with hundreds of people. That was unrequited love. The barmen loved that girl, but she just didn’t know that he loved her. He expressed his love in different and discreet ways. He gave her glances and smiles, and was always kind. He vibrated love towards her, but
she seemed like she didn’t care.

He lost hope, and continued cleaning the glasses. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of the bar. He hoped that that was his dream girl and rushed towards to open the door. He opened the door, and in front of him was not his dream girl, but a girl who needed help. Her tire was flat and she wanted to use the phone to ask for help. He said it is not a problem, and that he can change her tire. He did that so he could stop thinking about unrequited love. While he was changing the tire, he started talking to that girl and they started discussing different things. As he finished, he invited her inside for a coffee if she wanted to talk some more. She agreed and went inside. They talked for 3 hours and then they came to the topic of unrequited love. They talked about their loves and talked, until they paused at the same time. They finally understood. It was destiny’s way of connecting them together. They got unrequited love so they could meet each other. And it was indeed destiny. They kissed and exchanged numbers.

Tomorrow was a new day for both of them. They cared about each other and sent text messages to each other. They worked their day and met after work. Every night was getting better and better for them. Finally, after 7 months, they got married and started planning a family. They understood destiny, and they used their disadvantage to find perfection. And indeed, they found it.

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