Today you win | Subjective communication – Invisible thought emission
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Subjective communication – Invisible thought emission

There is a form of mental influence called subjective communication. This method was used from ancient times and can be used for various purposes (not for evil ones though). The system for subjective communication requires a win-win situation, and the evil purposes aren’t that.

First thing is programming your mind before sleep. You can say: “I want to connect to _____ when our minds are mostly in alignment. When that happens, I am going to wake up and remember why I woke up.”

What happens during the night is that you will wake up at a certain time. Then you just sit up in the bed so you don’t fall asleep again. You can say: “I want to connect to the person _____”. When you say that, close your eyes and imagine talking to that person. When you talk in your mind, it is important to tell to that person, who you are, what you want from them and what will they get in return if they help you. The most important thing is not to use commanding voice or to criticize. That will break the message. Just explain everything nicely.

When you finish the conversation, say: “Thank you” to that person and go back to sleep. See the changes in behavior of that person towards you in the coming days. This technique can be used to connect to group of people too, just use the phrase: “I want to connect to the group that is related to _____. When most minds are in alignment with me, I am going to wake up and remember why I woke up.”

Always tend to use this technique of subjective communication in the way that is going to benefit both persons – you and the receiver of the message.

That’s it. Try the technique and post the results. Today you win

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