Today you win | The efficiency of simple things
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The efficiency of simple things

Today’s world trend is that people want simple things, but the media and the “intellectual” faction of people tell them that if they want to achieve anything, they have to do things the complex way. Why, you would ask? If simple things in life are so good, why doesn’t everybody do them that way?

Keep it simple.

Well, that is the problem. Unfortunately, because of unstable socio-economic factors, people need to be under constant supervision and mind-programming. There are a lot of people that are able to make a change together, so the states need to monitor the ones that can make the “unwanted” changes and prevent the potential accomplices with preventive mind-programming.

Anyway, things done in simplified way would increase the overall productivity among people and make them feel more relaxed and less stressed. So, why don’t the countries do that? Because that would break down the economic module of modern “informational” society.

When different people unite for the right cause,complex things become simple.

But, we as individuals are not all interested in complexity on the global level. We might be interested in how to make our lives simpler and more joyful. It’s easy: DO THE SIMPLE THINGS IN SIMPLE WAYS. When you start doing simple things like that, and when you deconstruct complex things into simple tasks, you will feel the true joy. Don’t ever weep upon your destiny, because you are the only one that can change it by changing your view upon life. Be more positive, optimistic and persistent in whatever you do, and you will definitely be on the right track at some time. When is that time you might ask?

The time is now! Today you win!

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