Today you win | The meaning of life
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The meaning of life

The eternal question that many philosophers asked in the past, the question that many wise men analyzed to infinity, the problem that many scientists tried to solve, the thing that the regular person doesn’t see with their full-on sight is the meaning of life.

The real point that should be addressed is why regular people, like you and me, and billions of others, aren\’t particularly interested in the meaning of life, and the point of our existence. That is because for philosophy, the man needs his primal needs fulfilled. Those primal needs include shelter, food, and water. After the basic needs are fulfilled, then the space for free thinking and philosophy is opened. But, why can’t all people be of free mind? Why must they all be slaves to mediocrity, offering a lot of effort just to hang by, day to day? Why do people have lack, when the planet is made to provide abundance? There is free energy, almost unlimited materials, there is fertile soil, there is everything that you would like and need to have a life that is decent for a human being. Then, what is the problem?

It’s the system. But I’m not talking about anarchy, or something that propaganda describes as evil… I’m talking about the system of personal values. The people of one nation have to be under control, everything has to be under control so that there is no chain reaction that would break everything up.

Every one of us has to change for the better. All of us must change our way of thinking. We should think what we think that is right, but we must contribute to the system. Many of you would think: “Well, I’m already paying taxes, so why should I give anything else?” We’re not contributing to that system, but to the system of understanding and moral values.

There are techniques, mutual ideas, and a lot of things in which you may find yourself and contribute to the system as a whole. That is the way how to change everything, and that is what needs to be done. You are the change, you are the one that wins, and you are the perfect human being, regardless of what others say. Enjoy this day, and everyday after, because Today You Win

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