Today you win | The Power of Gratitude
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The Power of Gratitude

Many of you may ask why it is good to be thankful. Gratitude seems as such an unimportant thing, but in reality, it’s more important than you think.

How should we define gratitude? The simplest way to get to the core of gratitude is to understand that we have something amazing and that is our own self.

As you think about yourself, you should realize that you are amazing, that you can do anything, and that you have everything right now. Material possession isn’t everything; it’s the small things in life that make you happy. The things that fulfill you and make you show the best part of you to the world.

Realize what your successes are,and you will be pleasantly surprised

Those could be challenges, wishes, goals, dreams, small inventory around your home, the sky, the nature and absolutely anything that you can think of.

If you know what you have, then even more will come, because your heart and soul will guard the things you have, and make space for the new ones to arrive.

So, just say “Thank you” to anything and everything, and feel the bliss. As the bliss comes over you, enjoy it, embrace it and let it become one with you. The more times you say thank you to something or for something, the more times will you feel the bliss. And know, the bliss will follow you, and give you various rewards, because by being grateful, you get into the positive state and into alignment.

By saying “Thank you” to the good things,you attract more of those things to your life

Be yourself and say “Thank you” every day to every one and every thing that makes you feel nice, and know that… Today, tomorrow and everyday, you win!
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