Today you win | The power of mental rehearsal
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The power of mental rehearsal

It is scientifically proven, that if you run in your mind, the same group of muscles activate in the body. So, what does that mean and what is mental rehearsal?

That means that our body has cellular memory, and everything we have done at least once, and know the feeling of that action, we can reproduce it in our heads. Wait, does that mean that we can train any skill by not doing it, but by imagining ourselves doing it in our heads? Yes, that is the point of this article.

Many of you would ask, why, how, when? I’ll try to explain this to you in a simple way. You can train any sport, your ideomotor skills, and even quick typing in your mind. The possibilities are endless. I will make a few special posts in which I would explain how to use this amazing skill that is used by Olympic athletes to have better performance in competitions.

All you have to do is to close your eyes (when you get proficient at this skill, you can also do it with open eyes), and imagine yourself doing that what you would like to improve. But, don’t just imagine it. Use all your senses. Hear the sounds around your, feel your body as it makes contact with object, feel the movement of air, and feel the emotion that you would feel as you were actually doing it. The more vivid the image in your mind is, the better you will become at that skill.

If you have any special requirement for some sport or skill (football, basketball, running etc.), leave a comment about what would you like to read and if I am able to write a post about that, I will definitely do that. I want to help everyone win, so, do a mental rehearsal in which you see yourself as a successful winner and win! Today you win 🙂

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