Today you win | Things to be grateful for
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Things to be grateful for

As many people tend not to make a gratitude list, this isn’t really a problem. If they are flexible, they can use someone other’s gratitude list. The fact is that we are all unique, but in many times, generalization can help. So, I made a short list of 7 things to be grateful for. You can always accept this list, modify it, expand it, shorten it, or perfectly… make your own custom list. Now, here’s the good stuff:

1. Life – If you woke up this morning that means that you are alive, and that you can live your life to the fullest again and again. Thank you!

2. Health – You are conscious and breathing. That means you still have your mind, and with your mind, you can change anything. Thank you!

3. Happy memories – Just remember one memory from the past that makes you feel nice. Just one and the positive emotions will start to flow in you. Thank you!

4. Nature – The beautiful sunshine, the gentle rain, the calming wind and the soft earth under your feet. Every one of you experienced that. Just remember when you enjoyed those situations and say: Thank you!

5. Friends – You have at least one friend that makes you laugh. Be grateful for that, because good friends are rare. Thank you!

6. Love – I’m not talking about being in love, but the feeling of love towards everything and everyone. When you start loving things with your full heart, the love will come back to you multiplied. And isn\’t it awesome that you can just love anything and anyone that you want. Thank you!\r\n\r\n

7. Joy in little things – You can listen to music, watch movies, see beautiful landscapes, find any information that you need on the internet and enjoy the things that you want to enjoy. Thank you!

Feel the gratitude, be the gratitude and the positive things will happen.

If you have some things that you are grateful for and that bring you a lot of joy to you personally, feel free to share them in the comments section 🙂

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