Today you win | To strive for art is to strive for the fire of life
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To strive for art is to strive for the fire of life

A paintbrush sits lonely in front of the canvas, expecting something to happen. Nothing happens. The creative block of this one paintbrush has emerged victorious over the will of the old painter to create.

His hands are old and his look is tired. He is just willing to sit and do nothing. The days of his fame are long gone. He just needs a little push, just a little compliment from his fellow man, to start working again. His will is not strong, as he doesn’t know where to start. He decides to quit trying for the day.

As the window opens and the sunlight falls on his face, he gets a shining vision. The sun, painted as a symbol, and the whole world represented as a doughnut around that sun. In excitement, he rushes back to his studio where he starts to paint with a new meaning. The happiness is beaming through his eyes, and the inspiration is dancing in his hands. He paints non-stop for the whole 12 hours, and then, his masterpiece is nearly done.

He now knows that the old age is not what stops the man, but apathy, and the lack of a goal. He now strives to finish his masterpiece and give it a new life. The life that will inspire many that will look into his painting. He paints the sun’s rays with crimson color and gives them a fiery look, and in the middle of the sun, with hidden letters, he writes “LIFE”.

His work is done for now, and he is ready to continue his work. As he always was ready before.

Just open the window to your creativity, and create freely.

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