Today you win | Using past to improve the future
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Using past to improve the future

In many places, you can hear and read: “leave your past behind and move on… your past is stopping you from advancing to the future… you can’t live in the present unless you get rid of your past…” and many other similar things.

Little do people know, that you can use your past to enhance your current situation. You may wonder how is that possible? It is. We talked about alignment and that lesson showed us, that when we think and feel positive, we become positive. The same is with the past.

Your past experiences may help you rise above the rest

But some people might say that they don’t have a cheerful past. That is totally ok to say, because no one has a “completely” cheerful past. But, everyone has cheerful moments in the past. And those moments are the reference points, to which we will turn to.

Just remember any positive moment, where you made a great achievement from your point of view. It can be a little thing, but a little thing that makes you feel elated (happy, proud of yourself, smart, generous or positive). It can also be a big thing, but it just has to be positive.

Now, find a piece of paper, or open a computer document, and write that moment down. Write minimum 5 of moments like that in the next 5 minutes. Take your time and do it.

Write it, because you are going to like it

Now, you have your positive past list. Whenever you need an uplifting, just take the list, and say aloud before you read it: “I did that in the past, I can do it again.” Then read the list and feel every positive emotion from those moments. Let the emotions flow through your body and make you vibrant and uplifted. After reading and feeling the emotions, say: “I can do anything, because I am the best!”

And you are the best. And you are going to enjoy everyday, because Today You Win!

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