Today you win | Visualization techniques for helping people
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Visualization techniques for helping people

Here is one simple technique that is proven to work if you do it properly. It shows you the power of visualization. As the needs of people can be simplified, we can sort them in 3 categories: Health, Confidence and Peace of mind.

For this technique to work, you must know the person that you are going to help. You just have to see what the person needs the most in its life: Health, Confidence or Peace of mind.

When you determine the need for that person, you just start visualizing the person having that thing that it lacks. You do that for a minute or two, a few times a day. If you are near the person, you can see the effects immediately, before your very eyes.

Examples: For Health – Imagine the person all in muscles, smiling and feeling vibrant, while jumping for joy, in a way that can only an athletic person do.

For confidence – Depends on what is person lacking. If it lacks rhetorical skills, imagine the person holding a public speech and feeling glad that everyone in the audience is listening and nodding. If the problem is of social nature, imagine the person surrounded by many people and friends, that are tapping and handshaking the person, while saying how an amazing that person is.

For Peace of mind – Know what relaxes the person the most (fishing, lying on the beach, painting, listening to classical music etc.) and imagine the person in a surrounding like that.

Just use your imagination

These visualizations can be modified to your heart\’s content, and used in many positive ways. Make someone’s day a nice day, because… Today you win 🙂

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