Today you win | What is the real truth?
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What is the real truth?

It is true that we are just regular human beings with no special abilities, but what really hides beneath our skin, our flesh and bones, will always remain a mystery.

The mystery is always present in human lives.

So, we dedicate our spare time to finding out about ourselves, about our heritage, about everything we know, do and see as our ultimate growth potential. We may see that the potential is immeasurable, but we really don’t care about that, as we are lead astray by many things that happen around us: wars, crisis, critical situations, terrorists, and everything else… those are the things that occupy our attention. And why is that? Is our awareness so much pushed down the drain of the human comprehension? Or did we just become a bit lazy?

Questions are always going to be asked, and answers are always going to be given, but are we really aware of the truth. Whose truth is really true? Well, let me surprise you with my version of the truth: “The one and only valid truth is the one that you find yourself.” That’s right. Life is a journey, and the point of life is to find more about yourself, your life, the people around you, the technology, or the whole world itself.

The only truth is the one that you yourself believe.

So, be brave, and don’t hesitate to find out more about yourself, because you have only one lifetime to do that. Be happy, enjoy life, and find the truth that represents YOU, because you are the best and you will win everyday, as long as you go forward.

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